ISBN barcodes for books

All books contain International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs). They can be obtained through certain organizations in each country. If you already have ISBN and need barcode images, then you can buy them here below. To do this, select the desired number of barcodes and enter the data of your company and card. After completing the order, you will automatically receive barcodes, certificate and receipt within 5 minutes by e-mail. After that, you will need to send us your product data for registration on the basis of the International Barcode Network.

You can also make an order by phone and e-mail (we will send you an invoice for payment and an  agreement on the provision of services , after which you can pay by bank transfer).

  • Изображения для ISBN кодов

    Пожалуйста, введите Ваш 13-значный код (с дефисом) в разделе дополнительной информации при заполнении своих данных после проведения оплаты.

    Количество Цена за один штрих-код
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    2 по 1 800 руб.
    3 по 1 600 руб.
    4 по 1 400 руб.
    5 + по 1 200 руб.
    10 + по 800 руб.
    20 + по 600 руб.
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    50 + по 300 руб.
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